0-2 Madrid losses … Las Vegas Sands and the Olympic Games

[Click for Spanish Version] To all those professionally dedicated to B2B selling, particularly in the area of complex clients and consultative selling , I think these two processes deserve a careful look.

Las Vegas Sands in Madrid or the “No Go” decission …

[for the non Madrid residents, I do explain that Adelson is an AMERICAN billionaire that was negotiating with Madrid’s Goverment an especial tax, money and legal agreement to make a new Las Vegas resort in Madrid with an investment estimated on 30.000 M €].
I begin by saying that I am personally very glad with the Spanish Governement decission of not accepting Adelson’s blackmailing, and the Adelson’s withdraw. I know it was a huge investment, but I had the impression that this remake of “Welcome Mr Marshall ” (a classic spanish movie) would surpass the famous Spanish film when (in the 60s) the Americans were expected to come with a lot of dollars to a poor spanish small village,  and after all the time and effort they pass by the people through the middle of the town with their big cars without stopping. And what is going to look like really is to “the Sting” with Newman and Redford, in an updated version where public money is swindled, and more tricks than the Gordon Ramsey TV program “Kitchen Nightmares”

Skilled negotiator and dangerous. Our politicians have acted with a fine appearance and nobility to Adelson’s hook. It is granted,  if a politician sees a big candy,  shaped with a ceremonial ribbon,  and they compete with another politician … the mess is guaranteed.

My critic is very simple. We have been deceived very easily, the goverment has dedicated many resources , time and money on this issue. It has been a mistake and that is why sometimes there is the  “No Go” decission in Complex Selling. From what I ‘ve heard Adelson was playing several decks at once, and Madrid was not the table of the money. When he had secured another table, he showed as a bluff to see if we take it, and luckily we have not do it. By the way, I never gave a lot of confidence on Adelson ,  his approach to real investment was much less than what he originally said, and the total promised investment did not fit very well with the solvency and size LVS.US ( Las Vegas Sands) , large cap company (63,000 M USD) , but with a high PER ( 28)to which these projects involve double balance ( Total current assets 22,000 M USD) , which that in mind the bluff is normal.

Oh, and luckily on the sting was selected  Madrid and not Barcelona. As the government “prevented” the project , that would have been considered another “attack from Spain to Catalonia” Does anyone doubt it?

An Olympics RFP … or how to confuse ” influencers ” with ” decission makers”

Although it has rained a lot since the decision of the Olympics , I do take the opportunity to comment . This process seems a nonsense to me.

It is obviously a very complex sale , long cycle , there are many “buyers” many “influencers” , but certainly what seems clear is that, just as in any business process there has been mistakes identifying the center of the decision and some strategic points. I think in these process we (Madrid candidature) have been nerds .

First, who decides the vote ? Is the Olympian, who has spent several years traveling from aspiring city to aspiring city, travelling like a king and having a great time? Does decides Nawal El Moutawakel, Olympic’s Morocco medallist the vote ? I’m not sure . They are totally influenced by governments and therefore the decission maker is the government of Morocco. Therefore, it seems we spent a lot of time convincing who does not decide. After the vote in Buenos Aires we said … “They have deceived us ,” those who have pledged to vote for us, finally did not … if it was the first time , but it was the third !

Second, I think even the leverers of the claim and message have not been the adequate. I heard the message “It makes sense” it as an austere message to do  Olympics. But gentlemen , who thinks that the concept austerity is a good selling message for the Olympics ? If you decide to organize a world party every four years, and it will costs to you nothing , will you buy the austere one?

Third point: How is it possible that we have not been Taliban in the previous two years with issues such as doping preventing harm to our image. We had time for a real zero tolerance policy on this issue. Red card for COE (Olympic Spanish Comitte) …

It is clear that the vote is decided very high, and the whole show (necessary but useless) in Buenos Aires, has had unacceptable flaws. The lack of language skills in some of our senior representatives in the process disables them to be there. Our Chairman of the COE does not speak English , I do not understand. What happened with our mayor has been fun and comic. Well, at least it has served for some fun song .

I think a resignation would be necessary , but that will be a great surprise!


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