The invisible programmers …


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Fifteen years in Executive Committe positions, and now I do realize how hard it is to find and attract talent in that strange world that is the programmers one … I wanted to share with you two additional reflections:

1) “” are some wackos in London that defend a very real theory. When talent and spirit of sacrifice is mixed, the combination is very dangerous. This profile is sought after by many companies, and the result on one side of the coin is to have a highly effective and committed team that delivers results and pushes the organization forward. On the other side, on the personal one, can result on a frustrating job. Just imagine, highly trained young talented people can successfully perform multiple jobs, and if they are capable of sacrifice the situation can be as follows. I get to do any work, take it out very well and achieve success in this task. They do not really like the work they do, but as it is assumed that the work does not have to be fun at all because working is tough. Over time they gain more money (that is the trap), and even start to like them to be “experts reconcile thousands of accounting movements in an ERP automatically”, with all due respect, a work not very motivating at a personal level, but  … conclusion:  you can end up doing what you do not like, or you may end up liking it  (perhaps that is even worse … 😉

2) Programmers, tekkies! (I say that with affection).  The first point is that in traditional companies they are invisible (in a software company, at least they are in the core of the company). Now  I do recall with true repentance, in companies where I’ve worked, where there were large teams of programmers, if you ask me who was the geniuses, the number one, etc., I cannot tell you. It is an invisible caste organizations, which I think now is an incredible injustice. Programmers can solve complex problems, they can do the work of several (you all know that a really talented programmer worth 10 normal ones), and that they make  organizations go forward and are absolutely invisible to senior management level. I bet you that if we ask to 10 CEOs to tell us its three brightest programmers, and their three brightest salesman, and is more than likely to tell us all the sales guys, but they will ask … Oh, but we do have programmers? I assure you that in the Steering Committees (traditional business) all kinds of things are spoken (even very useless one) , but never ever we do talked about programmers …

Well, a little light on the way! As many of you know, we are launching a fantastic company, and we are now looking for two programmers to our adventure! How hard! We want the best, and we want to offer the best, good economic conditions, and a vital adventure to shine and grow. If you can be that person, call us! We look forward to meeting you! And if you’re not, but you know that profile Share us, “twit us”, resendus, I will appreciate it and thank you very much!

A hug,



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