We do start “Blogging”

I do think that it is possible to cheat oneself thinking that the professional self brand and recognition, or even the appreciation in one’s sector it is enough.  Not becouse it is not truth, but becouse the frenetic daily activity makes feelings and professional evaluation became a background, and feelings and memories passed quickly and from there to drawer oblivion is a step away.

I write this blog to keep a link with what has been my career for many years, helping to professionalize the industry and to explore new roads in the future. As is required, with humor I will take the opportunity to raise my views on various subjects.

Therefore I will try to share my knowledge, thoughts of an industry I know well. Who is it for? sector players, who pay the “party”  (Business Customers) although lately (specially in Spain) the party is smaller … , and those who are receiving the income (final suppliers and intermediaries of all types: agencies, TMCs, consolidators, consulting, GDS). Management issues will also comment that I find interesting to reflect on them. Gossip for the time being, I hope I will not have to cross that road to increase the audience 😉

The beauty of being “between jobs” (admittedly the English have much kinder words than ours), is that freedom of expression reached levels unknown. Logically prudence and aesthetics rule, but the rigor and independence will be high on my blog entries. To my (hopefully regular followers) I promise to strive to raise interesting issues, and above all total transparency and independence.

Finally, I encourage you to participate in blog posts, say what you think, discuss, and help.  I will be happy to answer you and read you.

A big hug to all

Iñigo Valenzuela Cossío


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